These Terms and Conditions reflect the contract between 18.95 Granite LLC. (Seller/18.95 Granite, 18.95 Granite LLC.) and the person placing an order for goods (Buyer/customer/contractor).

Responsibility & Ownership: The customer understands that this is a binding contract and 18.95 Granite will process the order only when the contract/invoice is signed. If the customer fails to deliver the deposit by the date of the agreement, this will be considered a default, and the customer will be responsible for costs incurred, liquidated damages, lost time for job estimator, lost profit, etc. Deposits are not 100% refundable as they reflect a commitment to purchase, a restocking charge applies to all refunds and or cancellations. The charges shall be determined at the time of refund and will be no less than 50% of the final invoice. For customers putting down a deposit down, your deposit is acceptance of the terms and conditions regardless of a signature is added to the documents. Failure to prepare any of the items on the checklist may result in a trip charge of $100. Termination fee $250. All sales are final jobs leftover 30 business days will be consider abandoned and deposits will be forfeited. In case the seller is obliged to retain an attorney, collection agent, or other, to collect the total amount due. The buyer agrees to pay all fees and costs pertaining to collections, including interest that will be charged at the maximum legal rate, from time of default, including but not limited to, all attorney’s fees. 18.95 Granite will not be liable for more than the final invoice amount. No guarantee is expressed for a start date or completion date unless otherwise agreed upon by 18.95 Granite and specified in writing by 18.95 Granite. Title to all goods on this order shall remain with the seller “18.95 Granite” until paid for in full. All merchandise is the personal property of 18.95 Granite until the full amount due is paid. Delays may occur, we will advise clients with much anticipation as possible but sometimes cancellations are at the last minute. We will NOT provide any compensation for cancellation due to weather, material, or unforeseen events. Colors and Thickness Characteristics: All natural stone and granite, grout, caulking, etc., are subject to variation in shade, color, markings, fissures, fills, dye lot, tone, etc. It is common for manufactures to fill, glue and resin or add dyes to these anomalies since these are natural products and are not controlled by man. All material is subject to ½ inch tolerances + or - 18.95 Granite is not responsible or will be held responsible for these occurrences. 18.95 Granite does not seal or enhance any stone (Marble, Granite). Natural stone may differ from samples/slabs; therefore, no guarantee as to their uniformity/colors/ patterns shall apply to this contract. Non-payments on any amount on this order, based on said variations shall be considered a default. Templates or Measurements: Due to the natural character of the stone, the location of the seams may change at the time of fabrication without notice. All seams location will not guaranty uniformity of the pattern or color and no customer requests will be accepted. No custom Jobs .18.95 Granite requires customers to provide all sink templates at the time of measurements unless sinks are purchased from 18.95 Granite. If 18.95 Granite makes any templates or patterns of sinks, cooktops, or specialty cutouts customer agrees to pay the additional charges. Installation & Liability: No installation or the delivery attempt will be scheduled without customer approval. 18.95 Granite will e-mail and/or telephone the customer to coordinate installation and/or delivery. At the time of installation and/or delivery if the surface is not ready IE: walls, surfaces, cabinetry, and or access points leading to the job are not completed and/or accessible customer will be charged an additional trip charge and no installation or delivery will take place. This delay of installation and/or delivery will occur without penalty to 18.95 Granite. In such an event, 18.95 Granite will reschedule delivery and installation in the normal course of business and availability. 18.95 Granite will use precautions during the installation. However, due to the weight, bulkiness, and dimensions of the products, we cannot take responsibility for damages to cabinets, surrounding walls, floors, stairs, or any other type of flooring and other adjacent materials, which may tend to occur. Therefore, we recommend that no final wall finishes or surroundings be installed until all countertops are installed. If it is necessary to cut or remove any items that may interfere with the installation of the stone 18.95 Granite will not be responsible. ( Ex. Tile, back-splashes, sinks, plumbing, mirrors, etc. )This will be the buyer’s responsibility to cut, re-install, and/or put it back into place. If 18.95 Granite agrees to handle such items, the customer understands that 18.95 Granite will not be responsible for any damages, leaks, electronic items not working properly, certain items not fitting in place properly, etc., due to our cutting, re-installing, or placing items back into place. Nor will be responsible for Brackets and attachment or detachment of the dishwasher clips, The client is responsible to provide and install these items.

Inspection: Upon work being completed, it is the Buyer and/or Buyers agents responsibility to be present to inspect completed work and make full payment. In the event that the Buyer does not provide himself and/or buyer’s agent for the final inspection he/she wave their rights of inspection at the time of completion and will still be responsible for any/or balance due at this time to 18.95 Granite regardless if an inspection has occurred or not. NOTE: All claims after installation and/or delivery will be treated as a warranty issue and will be handled by those rules please see warranty rules.

Seams: Customer understands that it is normal for natural stone tops to have visible seams to the eye and the touch. Seams are not invisible. Dust: Comes naturally with the installation of natural stone, especially when cutouts are done in place. Costumers must cover all areas and/or objects that may be affected by dust or removed such items. This is the sole responsibility of the Buyer. 18.95 Granite will not liable for any clean-up beyond the products being installed. Cutouts: Type (A) Drop-in or top mount and Vessel sink): those units that require a rough unfinished cutout and are self-rimming and must be done on-site only. (Type (B) Under-mount sink:) glue-up units that require finishing or polished edges, under mounting hardware, and specific holes bored for faucets. Note, all faucets will be drilled on-site after the installation of tops. Type ( A ) cut outs and faucets will create dust, 18.95 granite will not provide any cleaning service. Type ( C ) under-mount sinks “cast iron” farm sinks, apron, composite sinks or any other similar product must be pre-mounted by the customer or by a professional. Type C sinks must be supported by whatever means necessary and the only attachment to the countertop will be with caulking between tops and the sinks, for sealing purposes only. 18.95 Granite will not be installing or setting any of these types of sinks. Damages after installation: The client is held responsible for any damages done to goods after installation. Please be sure to treat products with care. Warranty’s Claims, Rules, and Liability: The buyer will call and email to set up an appointment for an inspection of the item. Seller will inspect and set up a date for the repair no longer than 30 days from the inspection as long as the damages are not related to intentional damages or misuse. These repairs are called Warranty Work. Any warranty work required will be performed after this order has been paid in full; nonpayment on any amount is considered a default and the customer will not be covered by the warranty. All warranty work has to be done by 18.95 Granite only. If the buyer performs repairs and or hires any other vendor to perform any repairs prior to following the warranty claim rules buyer will be voided, their warranty, and will be in default of contract. 18.95 Granite will only be held liable for the total of the invoice and no other claims, fees, expenses, or court costs. Sinks are non-refundable they are a final sale product.

Payment: All Payments are subject to verification prior to delivery of any purchase of material of any merchandise delivery, cash included. All checks will be verified for funds and NSF/SPH of a good standing account. 18.95 Granite reserves the right not to accept payments from accounts that have derogatory history. Customers must have ready cash or check on the day of installation in order to proceed with the verification process.

Letter of commencement: When the contract is signed Buyer/Owner/Contractor hereby gives 18.95 Granite rights to commence said work and hereby warrants that he/she accepts the costs as stated above, also agrees to forward a copy of this contract to the owner within 15 days of this initial order.