The $24.95 price includes ALL of our Granites, including exotic or basic colors.

  1. Our crew will be sent out to measure your kitchen once you have selected and secured your stone. (We do not hold material, a deposit must be made.)
  2. Our Fabrication team will fabricate according to the measurements of your kitchen!
  3. Installation of your countertops can be added to your order upon request! 

You will find our 24.95 granite is the most popular and most affordable option for any of your granite needs. 

* Minimum Purchase of one slab.

Dallas White

Origin: Brazil, quarry RN 000195, Rodovia BR 116, km 84, Fazenda Soledade, Medina, Minas Gerais ..;

Ocean Grey

Origin: Brazil

New Caledonia 2CM

Origin: Brazil

Ornamental Yellow

Origin: Brazil

Ornamental White

Origin: Brazil

Santa Cecilia Light

Origin: Brazil