Granite is a rigid, natural stone. When properly supported, it is sturdy and resists cracking. Cabinets provide equal support under the counter, evenly spreading the weight. Without this support, granite is susceptible to cracks. Like glass, granite is transported vertically on its edge. If granite is laid flat, it will likely crack over bumps in the road. To support the stone an A-Frames is required, wooden structures in the shape of the letter "A." leaning the granite against the slope of the "A" gives it even support. A-frames are built with 2"x4"s at a 10-degree angle. Horizontal and vertical supports connect the two A-frames and provide a surface for the clamps and straps that hold the granite in place. Placed in the bed of a pickup truck, an A-frame can support enough granite for a large kitchen. However, smaller A-frames can be built to fit in a van, SUV, or trailer.

Most granite counters have a cutout for the sink. Under-mount sinks, which are the most common, require a polished cutout that is safe for transport. However, other cutouts are vulnerable to cracking. Cooktops, drop-in sinks, and faucet holes may crack on the road. For this reason, these cut-outs & holes are made on the installation site by the installer. For small bathroom vanity tops or back-splashes, it may be possible to transport granite without an A-frame. The same principles apply: the granite must be vertical on the unpolished edge and must be secured to keep it in place. Rest the bottom edge on a flat, even surface. If possible, put down the back seats. In minivans and SUVs, one of the rear seats may be put down while the remaining seats are used for a support surface.

Due to liability concerns, 18.95 Granite is unable to load the granite into your vehicle. Two people can carry most counters, so you need to bring a helper to help with loading. Like in the vehicle, the granite should be carried vertically. Lift both ends at the same time to ensure even support. Inspect the granite carefully before loading it into your vehicle. Once the counters leave the shop, they become the liability of the homeowner.

Customer Requirements:

a) Monday through Friday pick ups 9:00 am -12:00 pm & 2:00pm-5:00pm

b) A truck or van capable of handling the weight of the granite. "3 cm granite weighs approximately 18 to 20 lbs. per square foot".

c) Straps and clamps need to secure the tops to the A-Frame.

d) Must bring a helper to load the countertops in the vehicle (Due to liability concerns 18.95 Granite will not load the vehicle)

e) Before you leave check all pieces are correct to the dimensions you have provided, once you leave our property we are not responsible for measurements not being correct.

f) Make sure you have your sinks and all granite pieces are polished in the appropriate places.

g) Sinks will not be mounted to the granite, the client is responsible to mount the sinks.

h) Top Mounted sinks must be fabricated by the client since it is a different procedure.

i) Sinks are Non-Refundable they are a final sale product.

j) After 2 weeks of the job being completed in our location there is a $150 storage fee, After 30 days the job is obsolete.

I have read and understood that the following items are needed to successfully handle and transport the Granite Counter-tops I have purchased from 18.95 Granite. In addition, once the counters leave the shop, they become my sole liability and I will not hold 18.95 Granite responsible for any damages to said materials.

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