1. Customer must be on site for decisions and approval.

2. Color, overhang, and sinks must be finalized prior to measure.

3. Cabinets must be completely installed and secured permanently.

4. Remove all items from the countertops prior to the measure Cabinets. All cabinet work and/or any alterations required to cabinets or substructure must be complete before templating.

5. All cabinets should be level and must be installed in their permanent position and not removed after templating.

6. Any wood trim (windows, doors, end panels, corbels, etc.) that may affect our measurements must be complete and in place prior to the template.

7. All sinks are present at the job site.

8. Farm, Apron sinks, and Cast iron that is either under or top mount, fixtures have been supported in the cabinet by carpenter or cabinet installer, not by 18.95 Granite.

9. Sinks and templates on-site and unpacked faucets are present at the job site.

10. All free-standing or slide-in ranges or cooktops and downdrafts are present at the job site.

11. If during templating there is a significant difference in countertop area than noted on the plan there will be a price change corresponding to the difference.

12. If you clean stone with most general-purpose cleaners, acidic and alkaline solutions, abrasives, ammonia, or bleach, you can degrade sealers and damage stone surfaces.

13. Customer is informed that if any of the above items are not on-site or work is incomplete, we will not be able to template the job.

14. If our templating or installation cannot be completed when scheduled, we will reschedule at the next available templating or installation date. An additional trip charge will be incurred for each trip.

15. Client is aware that payment in full will be expected at the time of installation.

Change Orders

The original proposal is based on the agreed specification shown on the invoice. Any changes made after the signed proposal will result in additional charges. This would include, but not be limited to, such changes as the addition of backsplashes, changing sinks, changing color, etc. For the interest of our clients as well as ourselves, we do not accept any verbal change orders. Templates: To make the template more accurate, $18.95 Granite requires that the customer is on-site. The customer must have everything removed from the existing countertops prior to the time of the template. At times, it will not be necessary to template particularly for small jobs. Any delay in getting information from you, our customer, will delay the installation. If there are any unforeseen changes required at this time, the templater will have the customer sign off these changes. There may be an additional cost depending on the changes made. The templater makes the final square footage total that will be the amount to be charged. All cabinetry, including panels, doors, and end panels must be completely and permanently installed prior to the date that is scheduled to be field measured. Never move, add, or adjust the cabinets after our Measure Tech has done the measure. The new countertops will not fit and can result in delays and costly remakes for you. If the cabinets are incomplete or not ready at the time of measure, we will not be able to complete it, we will need to return to re?measure and a trip charge will apply.